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During the 2020/2021 New Year’s period, 1 Second Everyday shot to the #1 spot in the app store for the first time. Because journaling suggests cycles or anniversaries, for many, we’ve become “the new year’s app,” and every new year we see a huge uptick in downloads from around the globe. This is exciting, and huge for us as a company, but it’s also a double-edged sword. We’d like to see similar spikes happen throughout the year!

In December of 2020, we launched our TikTok channel, and we could see the engagement from the TikTok community reflected in our downloads immediately. That’s when we decided that it was time to form The Unit.

Who or What is The Unit?

Original photo by Bruce Mars

Since this past new year, 1 Second Everyday has been fortunate to have been featured in several viral videos from all over the world. These weren’t planned moves by us – they were simply pieces of content created by 1SE users sharing their stories.

Each time one of these little golden nuggets drops, we see a corresponding – sometimes enormous – spike in downloads of the app. It’s been an exciting year, and proof of the impact that social media can make. 

It’s also spurred us on to start a program we’ve wanted to run for a long time – a brand ambassador program we’re calling The Unit. Brand ambassadors are a group of people who are fans of a brand and who are willing to share their excitement with others.

There are lots of forms that brand ambassadorships can take, but we envision The Unit as a group of excited, creative 1SE fans who are stoked to create and share 1SE-related content with the world.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking for submissions from folks who would like to become a part of the extended 1SE family. Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • 1SE superfans – whether long-time users or new to the experience, we want folks who have made 1 Second Everyday a part of their life, and who are excited about the app.
  • Content creators – while 1SE can be a powerful personal experience, we’re looking forr folks who are willing to share what they make with others.
  • Creative minds – this doesn’t necessarily mean Tiktokers, or Instagrammers, or even video makers – we’re looking for writers, photographers, and artists of all kinds.
  • Alignment with 1SE’s core values – we’re a company that values inclusion, transparency, big ideas, doing good, and making sure people come first. We want folks who value those things too.
  • Collaborators – the name The Unit is no accident. We’re a team, and we’re looking for people who value teamwork and work well with others.

These people can come from anywhere in the world. Anyone over the age of 18 who loves 1SE is eligible, and we encourage you to consider applying to the team!

What Does The Unit Get Up To?

Members of The Unit will be expected to produce and share 1SE-related content a couple of times a month, and will need to be OK with us sharing those pieces of content on our own channels as well. This might simply mean creating beautiful 1SE videos, but it might also mean working with our marketing team on a blog post, creating a written or video tutorial, or discussing a new project you’ve started. It’s entirely possible that you’ll come up with ideas for content that haven’t even occurred to us – in fact, we hope that’s the case!

In addition, members will be encouraged to join and participate in The Unit’s Discord channel, which will act as the team’s hub, and where we’ll share ideas and content.

Photo by Compare Fibre

What do Members of The Unit Get out of It?

First of all, all members of The Unit get 1SE Pro for free. This means unlimited backup, access to 1SE’s Freestyle Collab feature, unlimited projects, longer snippets, and so on. It’s awesome. The Unit will also get first access to new features as they’re developed, and will be in communication with Team 1SE through the Discord channel, where we’ll be actively engaged as well. 

Members who are building an online presence or a resume will get field experience, as well as access to cross-promotion on 1SE’s channels and references for future job opportunities. They’ll also have a voice in the future of 1SE, as we’ll be looking for The Unit to provide feedback and inform product decisions.

In the end, the program will be what its members make it, and what they get out of it will depend on what they put into it. The projects we focus on, the goals we set – these will be what determine the long-term benefits of the program.

Finally, there’s some custom 1SE swag that comes along with the deal. Everyone loves swag, right?

How Do I Apply?

It’s pretty simple. Head over to The Unit’s page on our site, and click on Apply Now. You’ll be taken to a submissions page, where you’ll be prompted with a short series of questions and asked to provide links to a couple of pieces of content – one that you’ve already made, and one that serves as a sort of video cover letter. That’s pretty much it! 

The Unit will be an iterative process – we’ll learn and tweak the program as we go. For the first round of The Unit, applications will be open from June 17, 2021 to July 1. Here’s what the whole first round of the program will look like:

The timeline for round 1 of 1SE’s brand ambassador program

We’re super excited about this program, and can’t wait to see what our amazing community has in store!

Posted by:Bruce Seaton

Bruce is the Content Creator at 1SE. He likes making stuff: art, music, bits of writing, food. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  1. Are all the spots taken? I would love to show you guys what I created this year with your app!
    Contact me via email and I will send you the video!

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