1 Second Everyday is now halfway through the first month of our brand ambassador program which officially launched on August 2nd! This is something we’ve been itching to do for years, and we’re incredibly excited about how it’s going already. After combing through hundreds of amazing applications, our marketing team was able to narrow the team down to 26 incredibly talented 1SE superfans from around the world. We’re calling this team The Un1t.

All 26 members of 1SE’s brand ambassador team: The Un1t.

It’s a motley crew, to be sure. This first-generation team ranges in age from 18 to 63, and includes photographers, videographers, podcasters, writers, students, bikers, hikers, singers, dancers, foodies, and social media creators of all kinds.

This was the video we made to introduce the members of The Un1t to each other – and the world

They call 11 countries home. Some are seasoned veterans on a variety of social media platforms, while some are new to the game. What unites them is a drive to document, create, and reflect, and a passion for using 1 Second Everyday to do those things. Here’s a map of all the home bases for the first class of The Un1t:

A map of the home cities of 1SE’s brand ambassador team

They’re pretty widely dispersed, but then, so is team 1SE. We’ve been operating as a remote company since day one, and we’re pretty well-versed in keeping a global team in the loop asynchronously. As a means of opening dialogue among members of The Unit and between The Unit and Team 1SE, we’ve created a private Discord server, where they’ve immediately jumped into sharing their stories, generating collaborative project ideas, sharing knowledge, and getting to know each other.

During our first week, we had a logistics-heavy kick off call to go over basics of the program and put faces to names. Then later in the week, 1SE CEO Cesar Kuriyama hosted a fireside chat with the team, giving them some of the history of the company and answering a ton of great questions from the group, before we all got our snippets for the day.

Team 1SE and The Un1t getting their snippets in

There’s a lot on the way for (and from!) this little crew. They’ll be meeting with 1SE’s product team to talk about upcoming features, they’ve got some wonderful, hilarious, beautiful collaboration videos in development, and a few of them will even be working with the marketing team to create some blog posts, so keep an eye out for some new faces and voices here.

Two final notes: First, if you’re a 1SE superfan too, and you love creating content to share, and being a part of a group like The Un1it sounds like fun to you, never fear! This is only the first iteration of what we hope will be an ongoing and ever-evolving project. Watch for an invitation to apply in early 2022, and we’ll see you then!

Second, below is a list of links to our team’s various content pages. Check ’em out!

Ana Sophia@anasophiaa@asophsfables
Gina Schroeder@ginaschroeder__@allergic2treesYouTube
Tyler Stephens@toesawbagtron
Ting Teo@tt.inc_
Jakob Woo-Ming@thejakobshakeup@jakewoomi
Links to 1SE’s brand ambassador team’s various social media profiles
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