by Maddie Kirby

So you’ve downloaded 1 Second Everyday, but you’re worried you won’t be able to maintain the habit? It can be intimidating to start something new like this, but I can confidently say that it’s all worth it. Future you will thank you, and the longer you stick with it, the more meaningful your life movie is to look back on.

I’ve been doing this project for over 3 years now, and would like to share my advice and collected wisdom from the variety of app users who’ve successfully made it to the year mark and beyond.

1. Turn on your reminders

Did you know that you can set reminders in the app? Turn them on to receive daily notifications, and make sure to toggle between different times and types to see what works best for you. We suggest turning those on for at least the first 30 days! 

Learn how to turn reminders on here.

2. Create a Widget (iOS Only)

This tip is a game changer! iOS users can create widgets for each 1SE project on their phone’s home screen. If you haven’t recorded a second for the day, the day in the calendar will remain blank.

Learn how to set up your 1SE widget here.

3. Place your app icon by others you use often

Anybody else scroll through TikTok multiple times a day? If you know you’re gonna visit another app daily already, try moving your 1SE app right next to it on your phone’s home screen.

4. Grab an accountability buddy

You’ve probably heard the term ‘accountability buddy’ when it comes to starting a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym more. This technique can apply to 1SE too!

Download the app with a friend, partner, or family member. Make a promise that you’ll share your mash with each other once you’ve finished a week or each month.

Also, check out our new Crowds feature! It’s a free social experience that allows you to connect with friends and share meaningful moments to finite and chronological feed. It’s an even easier way to have a bunch of accountability buddies cheering you on!

Learn more about 1SE Crowds here.

5. Make a shot list

Are you confident you can remember to film, but don’t know what to record when every day seems like Groundhog’s Day? Make a shot list to pull ideas from whenever you need it.

Also check out our own list of 100 things to capture with 1SE.

6. Set your intentions

Write down your goal with 1SE in a journal, on a sticky note, or even in the journal section of the app. Explain why you’ve started, so you can always revisit it if you’re feeling unmotivated to finish. Writing something down can help solidify that you’re serious about sticking to this project, and having it on something visible to you can act as a daily reminder.

Note that this project shouldn’t be about having the most exciting moments to show off to others. That’s a lot of pressure! This is life through YOUR unique lens, and even the most mundane seconds today can become the most meaningful tomorrow.

7. Share your mash

Although 1SE is a private journal, we encourage you to share your videos with the ones you love or even on social media. Tag people who’re featured in them, and they’ll be waiting for the next one to see if they made the cut. Having others invested in your 1SE is encouraging, and will keep the excitement going when a boring month may hit.

8. Don’t let a missed day stop you

Life happens and even long-time 1SE users can miss filming a day. I’ve seen too many people be so hard on themselves and let one blank spot on their 1SE calendar stop them from continuing an amazing project. A video that is 30 seconds long is better than nothing at all. Keep going!

Pro Tip: You can always fill in those missed days with a moment from another date. Nobody will know.

9. Live Photos are your best friend

Photo by: Simon & Anna Clarke (wearetheclarkes)

Not a month goes by where a Live Photo hasn’t saved my 1SE streak. Turn the live photo function ‘on’ on your phone. They can be turned into a video through the app.

10. Take time to reflect

Make a monthly mash or wait until the end of the year to watch it all back. Pop some popcorn, grab some tissues (I know I get teary-eyed when I view mine), and make a movie night out of it! Keeping a 365-day journal is a huge accomplishment, so take time to pat yourself on the back.


Whether you want to try this project for a year or stick with it for life, I hope you find these tips helpful to get you there! Remember that it takes one second at a time to build this habit, and thousands have doubted themselves too before making it to the year mark. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. You’ve got this!

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