It’s officially halfway through 2022! Can you believe it?

Now that we’ve reached the 6-month point, it’s possible you might feel a little stuck with what to film for your 1SE. That’s completely normal. The excitement of a new project can slowly turn into the frustration of the mundane or seeing the same thing over and over on your timeline. Although we encourage you to embrace the authentic moments in life, we understand if you need some help brainstorming seconds to film.

So we put together another list of 100 things you can capture. Use this for inspiration now or save it for later when you’re stuck. We hope this helps carry you to the finish line of 365 days.

And if you’d like to see more ideas, check out part 1 of our list here.


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Travel has opened back up and we’re ready to see all the places you explore. Here are a few things you can film to document your adventures.

  • Packing bags
  • Boarding flight
  • Plane taking off
  • Your travel partner sleeping on the plane
  • Plane landing
  • Holding up your tickets
  • Feet on interesting terrain like sand or mountains
  • View from hotel or Airbnb window
  • Outdoor group portrait
  • Write something in the sand
  • Your favorite meal
  • Waving goodbye at the end of the trip
  • Gathering your bags
  • Road trip – Mile markers
  • Road trip – Entering new states or countries
  • Road trip – Loading bags into car
  • Road trip – How many miles you have left

Hanging Out

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It feels so good to finally see friends again. Here’s a list of seconds you can capture with your besties.

  • Hug
  • Secret handshake
  • Movie night
  • A sweet note to or from them
  • Silhouettes at sunset
  • A funny text
  • An audio message
  • Selfies every time you hang out (theme idea)
  • Picking them up in your car or you being picked up in theirs
  • When they open the door for you at their place
  • Singing in the car
  • Making a toast
  • Shared playlists you’ve made
  • TikToks you send each other
  • Getting ready together
  • Synchronized dance moves


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Have a special someone? Don’t forget to capture all the little moments of your time spent together.

  • Holding hands
  • Kiss
  • Cuddling
  • Watching a streaming service together
  • Cooking together
  • Date night
  • Their laugh
  • Something you love about them
  • Your favorite thing they gifted you
  • Saying “I love you”

Work from Home

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Work environments have changed over the last few years. Work routines can feel so repetitive for your videos. Let’s add some variety.

  • Making coffee or tea
  • Outfit of the day
  • Desk setup
  • Office view
  • Favorite item on your desk
  • Morning routine
  • Taking a neighborhood stroll
  • Checking something of to-do list
  • Your work buddy(pets or partner)
  • Funny Slack messages
  • Clocking out – Closing laptop, leaving work office, stepping away from desk

Back to School

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Don’t mean to bring up school already at the start of the summer, but we hope this list sinks in your mind before you’re back in the classroom.

  • Walking to school
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Walking to class
  • Packing your backpack
  • Finishing homework – Closing textbook or crossing something off to-do list
  • Turning page in textbook
  • Notebook doodles
  • Reading book for class
  • Notes from friends
  • Bathroom mirror selfies
  • Timelapse of making a school project
  • Reaching a goal
  • Signing yearbooks
  • Saying your favorite thing that happened that day
  • Graduation – Throwing cap
  • Graduation or last day of school – Group hug
  • Graduation – Throwing hands in the air


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Did you hear that? Sounds like some inspiration that’s all about audio.

  • Clapping
  • Funny noise you can make
  • Whistle
  • Crunch
  • Slurp
  • Playing an instrument
  • Sigh
  • Narrate what’s happening in the second you’re filming
  • Blow a kiss to the camera
  • Sneeze
  • Swuish
  • Pouring a drink
  • Your favorite song


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Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or hosting a get-together, we’ve got you covered for ideas on what moments to record.

  • Decorations – Blowing up a balloon
  • Prepping food
  • Wrapping a present
  • Dancing together
  • People having a funny conversation
  • Disco ball or party lights
  • Blowing out candles
  • Making a wish
  • Opening presents
  • Yelling “Surprise!”
  • Raising glasses for a toast

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