These videos show off seven great things you can do with your 1 Second Everyday journal. Whether you’re stuck deciding what to capture, feeling that your life is too boring, having trouble remembering to grab that second, or just looking for something fun to do this month, these ideas and videos have resonated with us over the years. Let’s look back, and then look forward!

1. Greet the World

Whether you’re giving high-fives, saying good morning, or just grabbing a quick selfie, you always have something interesting to capture – yourself!


1 second everyday in 2022💗💗

♬ original sound – mya 💗

2. Follow Your Furry Friends

Want to make everyone’s day better? Make and share a video of your dog or cat!

3. Compare and Contrast

Whether you’re comparing year over year (now available as a native 1SE feature!) or comparing experiences with a friend, getting different perspectives is always interesting.

4. BEBE!

Many of the most iconic 1SE videos have involved babies. Being able to watch them grow day by day is both fascinating and heartwarming, and we always love to see them.

5. Kids!

Even as they grow, kids are still a great subject for 1SE videos. It might be a little harder to get them to sit still, but eventually, you can hand the reigns to their journals off to them!

6. Show off a Talent

Whether your talents lie in front of the camera or behind it, focusing on your strengths is always a good way to theme your journal.

7. Proposals

These three videos all show different takes on proposals – one captures the preparation to a proposal, one captures the process of making the proposal, and one is the proposal itself!

8 (Bonus!) Just Go For It!

Here’s the original 1 Second Everyday video, started by 1SE founder Cesar Kuriyama on his 30th birthday. Cesar doesn’t create themes for his journal, he just captures what’s in front of him, good, bad, fun, hard, and everything in between. Remember, if you’re stuck for what to capture, just grab a second of what you see!

Posted by:Bruce Seaton

Bruce is the Content Creator at 1SE. He likes making stuff: art, music, bits of writing, food. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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